A Better Instagram

Instagram these days has never been stronger. Whether its for your blog, your website, your YouTube channel, your company, or even your corporation, Instagram’s reach, awareness, and power, is at an all time high. Never before have we seen entire careers get launched simply by a great Instagram presence. So this tutorial will lay down some tips and tricks in increasing the production value of your Insta, gaining more subscribers, more followers, and ultimately, more money.


First and foremost, Instagram is strictly made to be viewed on your phone. Not your laptop, not your iPad, not your TV. So think about how you use your phone. Short quick indulgences, in-between waiting in line for your food, or on your commute, or sitting on your couch watching TV. Your content needs to follow suit. It needs to, at first, capture the eyes of those you want to attract. Those first impressions are extremely vital to the success of your profile. Secondly, it’s producing bite sized content, that’s easily digestible. You’d be surprised how much you can convey in only a couple sentences. A great rule of thumb, is producing the same kind of content you’re interested in. Don’t focus *too much* on what you think your viewers like. Focus more on what you like, because chances are, your followers are a lot like you. And that audience will engage more, which is exactly what you want at the end of the day. Engagement.


Now, your iPhone or Android is your best friend when it comes to instagram. The quality of images that are coming out of these new phones is higher than ever, and you know what they say, the best camera is the one you have on you. The problem is that, these days you’re competing against social media professionals with entire production teams that are using the latest and greatest tech to produce their content. So what you might think is a nice picture you took on your phone, next to a studio taken image off of a $15,000 medium-format sensor camera, your photo looks amateur. Now, you don’t need the best camera in the world for your photos and videos. You just need one that’s better than 90% of images on the platform. Any DSLR or Mirrorless camera will do.

I recommend the Sony a6500. This $1,399,99 camera is super small, and super powerful, and has tons of features meant for social media. Features like 4K video, 120fps Slow Motion, stunning image quality, and a mic port for audio. Pair it up with the Zeiss 16-35 F4 lens, and you have a very powerful media making machine, that’s small enough to fit in any purse or messenger bag. You could also go for the cheaper (and slightly older) a6300 – which is what I use. It still has all the awesome features of the a6500 but doesn’t have image stabilization which can make videos a bit shaky if you’re not using a tripod. If you’re really on a budget, go for the Sony RX100 V. This is an EXTREMELY small camera, with 4k recording, excellent picture quality, 120fps slow motion, and has a lens already attached so there’s no need to purchase one. All this, and it can fit into your pocket. It burns through batteries quickly, so be sure to stock up extra on those. I also want to mention that each of those cameras include NFC, so you can wirelessly send photos from the camera to your phone, just by touching your phone to the side of the camera. It’s awesome. If you’re willing to get the best of the best, opt for either the new Sony A7III, which is full-frame beast of a camera with 4K recording and class-leading image quality at a very competitive price. Or head for the Canon 1dx Mk II paired up with a Canon 24-70 L lens. This camera is used by guys like Peter McKinnon, and the image quality from them is absolutely stunning.


Now this might be controversial, but if you’re going for content creation and social media content, it seems to me Apple is the best team to go with. Let me explain. As someone who used Android for a few years, getting content from your camera or your computer, to your phone, is just a bit more intrusive and clunky, when compared to Apple. I can take a video from my Sony a6300, get it on my computer to edit, then over to my phone to post it, much much faster on Mac, compared to Android/Windows. The iOS platform just works seamlessly with all Apple products. And in social media, where timing and speed matters, this is important.  Airdrop on iOS is a godsend, and you need to learn how to use it, because you’re going to want to do a lot of your editing on your MacBook or iMac, where you can use programs like Photoshop and Final Cut to get a much better production value on your photos and videos.  Now, I’m not saying Android/Windows isn’t an option. It is, and it’s also very powerful in its own right. There’s just a lot more steps in between, and if you want something similar to AirDrop, I haven’t found and free options. Not too mention, instagram just works so much better on iPhones. I don’t know why.


So this is where this article is going to end for now. I will be posting a follow up article soon showing you how to exactly use your new camera, use those awesome editing apps, use things like Hootsuite, and elevate your social media just a new level. I’m currently in control of three different instagram accounts, three different twitters, 5 different facebook accounts, and various other social media accounts, and I’ve learned how to effectively manage all of them to increase my reach and presence. So if you want to do the same, make sure to bookmark this website and follow me on instagram @WAYNEWALKERORG and twitter @WAYNEWALKERORG, for updates on new articles and tutorials.