Episode 2: Body World [Amsterdam]

Happiness Through Body

Body Worlds is this sort of museum / art exhibition collab thing that sits in the heart of Amsterdam, Netherlands. This was one of the first things we did here in this city, and well…it was interesting. The idea is to show you the meaning of happiness by taking a deeper look into our bodies. How they work, what things can hurt, and help our bodies, and it’s quite interesting. Then at the end, you are greeted by a Body Fat Percentage scale. You stand barefoot on this giant scale in the middle of the show floor, gripping on to these metal electrodes. It sends a signal through your muscle, bones, and fat, and accurately records your fat percentage. Little did I know (which I knew…), they basically said I was fat. That was the happiness of the end of the tunnel for me. That’s Body Worlds. I don’t really think you should go. Not because they might tell you you’re fat, but because it’s quite boring and quite expensive. Skip it, and hit up a coffeeshop instead.