episode 1: the noble fir

The First Episode

This is our first vlog episode. So recently, I decided to start vlogging with Kate, my Wife, and our dog River. We don’t live a life that’s too crazy. We’re not running around LA with celebrities. We don’t have huge yacht parties with models. But we figured maybe there are more people out there like us who enjoy the calmer, more serene aspects of life. Hopefully you’ll find these entertaining, helpful, or relaxing. Anyways, we’ll do our best to keep them coming. is LIVE


Initially, I’ve been using a different website under This website was created under the “Squarespace” website builder for quick and easy posting. The problem is, Squarespace is far too limiting. If you’re someone who needs to put up a simple website for your business, just detailing what you do and how to contact you, then Squarespace is fine. Also, if you’re a photographer / videographer looking to put up a portfolio, again, Squarespace is fine. But if you’re like me, and you intend to post almost daily, in multiple different sections, with multiple tags, and need the flexibility of true 3rd-party plugins, then Squarespace is not the answer.

Anyways, this new site is up, under a brand new domain. This site will be updated regularly. I will post all my findings about self-help, health, productivity hacks, as well as my tech tutorials for content creators. This will also house all the episodes of my new Young Initiatives Podcast. So while you can subscribe to YI on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, and any other podcatcher, you’ll also find them all here. Hopefully you enjoy the work I put out, and if you do, please feel free to share any links to your friends and family, as it does help grow my work.