Final Fantasy VII Remake | no life review | *SPOILERS*

Square Enix's biggest anticipated title for the PS4, Final Fantasy VII Remake, gets the full No Life Review treatment. Check out the video here

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Ghost of Tsushima Story Trailer & Release Date Revealed

Sony Interactive has released the latest look at their highly anticipated title Ghost of Tsushima. Here's our initial impressions

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo Gameplay – 60fps

Square Enix's new Final Fantasy 7 Remake had its Demo released to the public. Check out my full 60fps gameplay footage here, and take a look at my initial impressions

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Control by Remedy Entertainment [ No Life Review ]

Control by Remedy Entertainment is the first game to get the full No Life Review treatment. Does Remedy do a good job of creating an intriguing world, great gameplay and combat, as well as presentation? Check out my full thoughts here in this video / article review.

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E3 2019 in Review [ No Life Podcast ]

In this weeks episode of No Life Podcast, it's all about E3. We break down each and every conference at the show, and rank them on a scale of 1-10. Who had the best show? Who had the worst? And was E3 and overall failure?

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My Favorite Gear of 2020

The year of 2020 has been filled with unfortuante event after unfortunate event. However, it's provided us one of the best years in tech in recent memory. Here are some of my favorites....

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Firmware 1.1.0 for the Canon R5 is a Gamechanger!

Canon's new firmware 1.1.0 is a gamechanging new firmware that gives you more control over the overheating of this camera! More here!

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The Canon EOS R5: A (Nearly) Perfect Hybrid | No Life Review

The Canon R5 is one of the most hotly contested camera releases we've seen to date. Is it perfect hybrid, or perfect store? Check out my review here!

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Canon R5 + Atomos Ninja V Setup Tutorial for Nearly Unlimited 4KHQ Recording

Are you looking to use your Atomos Ninja with your Canon R5 to remove overheating issues? Well here's a tutorial showing you how.

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Get The Most Recording Time out of the Canon R5 – The No Life Canon R5 Overheating Test

The Canon R5 has been surrounded by too much misinformation, especially on overheating. No Life is here to get the real answers.

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Is the Canon R5 4K “Unusable?” | Testing 4K Modes & Atomos Ninja

Is the Canon R5's 4K quality so bad that it's unusable? Or is it just that its "High Quality" 4K so, so good? I test it here!

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The ONLY Way to Cool the Canon R5 & R6

There is only ONE way to effectively cool the Canon R5 & R6. And this is exactly how it's done...

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Why I Preordered the Canon R6 over the R5 (& Why You Might Wanna Too)

Canon has released two of the greatest hybrid mirrorless camera's we've ever seen with the R5 & R6. Here's why I'm getting the R6 over the R5

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My Blackmagic ATEM Mini Studio Setup

Blackmagic has changed the game with the ATEM Mini. Here's my home studio setup and how I use my ATEM Mini!

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Surface Book 3 Released (and I like it!)

Microsoft has finally updated their flagship Surface Book to the Surface Book 3, and from the specs, it looks like a promising option for power users...

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