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  • Monetization

    In an age where social media platforms are criticized for censoring more adult, or “un-ad-friendly” content, independent monetization has become more important. Here are my tips on how to best fund your content, from someone whose made a living doing it for more than 5 years.

  • The Superior Model – Ads vs Support Based Content

    Sam Harris and Joe Rogan got together and talked about the similarities & differences on how they monetize their work. But which is the most rewarding, least demanding, and most freeing? I talk more about it in this article.

  • Take Control: Simple Tips to Financial Freedom

    A lot of people don’t understand some of the basic fundamentals to finance, and thus find themselves in a cycle that always leads back to them being financially shackled. These simple tips will help you break free of this cycle.

  • A Better Instagram

    Here are some helpful tips to creating much more eye catching, professional, and engaging Instagram and social media posts.

  • Distractible

    Distractions are the bane of any creative. Here’s how to take advantage of them.

  • Working for the Insatiable

    There’s a new type of content consumer, and they have an insatiable appetite. This article helps you learn how to feed them, while keeping your sanity.