This is a test

I’ve been using WordPress to create my sites for close to a decade now. I absolutely love WordPress and I owe much of my success to it. The fact that I can put up a site, exactly as I wanted it, with minimal web experience, is a beautiful thing and I’m positive many in my position feel the same. And my love for it just increased after finding out about this app.

I absolutely love WordPress and I owe much of my success to it.

This is post is really just a quick test. I want to see how well it works in posting articles to my site and how deep I can get in to customizing my articles. A lot of the articles I write include multiple types of media like pictures and videos, and I want to see if it’s easy to implement with the app. So far I’m impressed.

Adding images straight off my phone works seamlessly. And I still have full control on how the image is laid into the webpage. The camera implementation works quickly as well. Taking quick pics or videos could prove useful in breaking news situations or investigative journalism. I would like to see DropBox or Google Drive implementation.

Overall, this app can prove extremely useful. Often I wish I could get to my laptop to put out a quick article on something but due to some type of circumstance it’s not always practical. Now there’s no excuse. While I don’t have full control or widget application, I will still be using this for those quick one offs.