Biohacking is a phenomena that’s been gaining more traction lately, as technology becomes more vital to the success of our lives. Infusing technologies into our bodies to improve the human experience sounds like science fiction, but it’s starting to become even easier. So easy in fact, kits are now being built to help bridge that experience gap. One of the more interesting use-cases to me, seems to be implementing digital currency into your being. Cryptocurrency, or bitcoin to be more specific, is a currency that lives completely in the digital. This means there’s no cash, and no tangible backing. It’s perfect for a bio-hacking experiment. What if we could implant a chip that could hold all of our currency, as well as be used to make transactions, while being completely encrypted not just in the code, but in human flesh. Well now it’s easier than ever.

The Tag

Meet the xNT NFC Tag from Dangerous Things, a well known biohacking shop. The cost – $99. The main component of this kit is the NFC Type 2 compliant NTAG216 chip. It’s encased in a biologically safe bioglass tube that’s been laser sealed for safe delivery. What this chip does is read any type of NFC modules (given the parameters). In the video below, you can see how Patric Lanhed touches the NFC module to his xNT NFC tag – which is implanted in his hand – to transfer Bitcoin to a differing wallet. The first to have ever done it.

This isn’t the only use cases for this chip. There are tons of NFC use cases out in the wild already. The reason this intrigues me so much is because of how benign it is. You’re not strapping together a fully automatic laser rifle replacing your arm. You’re just implanting a tiny little chip that can hold and transact your money, something we do already hundreds of times a week. While it’s still in its infancy, it’s still something that I think will become less taboo as time moves on. Who knows, I may even personally implant this chip in me once I finally hit big with DOGECOIN. The first DOGE bio-payment is a title I’m looking to hold.

BTW, I do not recommend nor encourage anyone to implant this device into your body. This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only, and any medical procedures should be performed by licensed professionals only.