We’ve recently been made aware that Instagram will be ceasing its Apple Watch support, where the latest update removes it from the device entirely. This, simply put, fucking sucks. The Apple Watch Instagram app was one of the device’s coolest apps. The fact you could simply scroll your feed, comment, and like photos on your damn wrist, not only showed the power of the watch, but showed the power of wearable tech. But that ends today, and to be honest, I’m getting pissed off.

More and more app developers seem to just forget about their watch-counterparts. The Instagram watch app hasn’t been updated in years, and now that Apple is requiring native app support for the watch, more and more wrist apps will follow suit. The growing graveyard of dead Watch apps should be an embarrassment for Apple. We’re talking Twitter, Slack, Google Maps, Amazon, and many more. And that’s the biggest issue with WatchOS currently. The app library for it is depressing and many of the third party apps run like complete shit. My most used Watch app is Spark email, which runs great but still needs work. But if they don’t build native support into the Watch, it will also go the way Instagram did. Which is not what I want. I want more than just a notification machine on my wrist. I want something that can enhance my notifications.