Product Lead of Twitter Kayvon Beykpour has revealed some interesting news from the social giant today, displaying their introduction of “Fleets”, a direct response to Snapchat’s & Facebook’s “Stories” feature. Over the years, Stories have become the de facto way for users to communicate their days and thoughts on social media, with many neglecting their main feeds altogether. Twitter, on the other hand, has done a lot of work trying to maintain exactly the same, only adding more characters to the limit a couple years ago. But now it seems they’re branching out.

Beykpour goes on to show off this new feature, explaining that many people are faced with anxiety over posting tweets, and something like this may help alleviate those fears. In my opinion, I find this is more a move to monetize, as Stories have been a great source of revenue of Facebook and Snap. We’re already aware that investors of Twitter are looking to replace Jack as CEO, and turn Twitter into a money making behemoth. So I imagine this is just a start of Twitter adding new features. I also want to put out a prediction. I imagine Twitter’s “censoring” issues will start to play more of a role in the company, with them either being more strict or more loose, as the company finds its future footing.

“Fleets” are set to launch in Brazil, Twitter’s favorite testing market, where the company will work out its kinks and see future profitability before a global release.